It’s Friday Night.

You’ve had a long week and you’re not looking forward to a busy, push and shove weekend. You want to escape – find someplace cool and clear; someplace where the pace is slow and the people are friendly; someplace where the air smells like it was just washed in a spring shower and the sky resembles a robin’s egg. Someplace like Stephenson County, where you can lean back, relax, and receive refreshment for the soul.

As the sun slowly rises, the hues of pink and gold are scattered across the calm waters of the Pecatonica. A red-tailed hawk soars across the sky and then dives into the fields beyond the river,while a great blue heron flies calmly across the river in search of another inlet for fishing. Your canoe glides swiftly through the water, the banks on either side populated with trees and grasses. A chorus of frogs serenades you as you find yourself in Stephenson County.

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The sound of rushing water leads you to a stream; an effervescent waterfall creates rainbows around you in the cool mists. You’ve found your pot of gold in the treasure of the moment, the priceless tranquility, the true refreshment for the soul.

The day continues. You walk down shady lanes, the soft strains of a carousel in the distance, and find a perfect spot for a picnic. A horse-drawn carriage carries you down roads that were once thoroughfares for stagecoaches. A stop at a country farm stand fills your arms and senses with the aroma of freshly picked produce.

A shaft of light from the window catches the crystal of a vintage chandelier in one of the many antique shops in Stephenson County.The beam bursts throughout the room, surrounding you once again with a rainbow of color. You gaze around the room to find yourself surrounded with pleasant memories of the past. The troubles of last week and the worries of tomorrow are forgotten,as this linking with the past has brought you refreshment for the soul. Located only two hours northwest of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and only forty-five minutes west of Rockford, Stephenson County offers you a myriad of activities for all kinds of tastes. From antiques to recreational pursuits, we can accommodate your every need and the cost for you and your family is very refreshing!

Come, relax, leave your cares behind you. Treat yourself to STEPHENSON COUNTY: REFRESHMENT FOR THE SOUL.